Webinar: Monetizing of creative content in the digital (4IR) era

Friday 29 October, 14h00 – 15h30

Arts Alive creates space for various dialogue programmes between sector practitioners and policy makers, producers and owners of content platforms to enrich the discourse around contentious subjects such as barriers to access critical markets, funding and funding models, the state of organization of creative sectors and the general reflections on the role of the arts in shaping society and nation-building. These dialogues are cross-generational and cross-border, drawing lessons from varied experiences.

Monetising of creative content in the digital (4IR) era

Creative industries have over the years suffered the plight of being overlooked, undermined, and ignored as a lucrative economic sector. The question of its contribution to the GDP and other economic variables is ongoing as is the question of whether it is a primary or secondary sector coupled with whether it is a hobby or career. Either way, like other sectors, the creative industries has been hit and maybe the hardest by the prevailing Covid 19 pandemic which forced a lot of products and services to rapidly migrate to the digital space. This resulted in a lot of traditional stores closing and business being conducted digitally cutting out the average creative. The fourth industrial revolution (4IR) era has brought with it a lot of pros and cons but mostly the unknowns that are yet to be explored.

The City of Johannesburg is organizing a webinar to advise the creative industries on how to monetize their creative content in the digital era. To explore the various ways in which creative can diversify their creative offering through the use of technology and online resources. This is done with the aim of helping to bridge the digital divide in the sector.

The webinar will seek to decode the digital era, share the challenges and opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), explore monetising creative content digitally, create exposure to the technology and innovation on creative industries, share knowledge and experiences and indicate institutions that are available to assist with the collection of Intellectual Property royalties.