25 – 27 September

Policy and Governance Workshop
25 – 27 September 2020
9 am – 5pm
Alexsankopano Resource Center
Cnr 12th Avenue & Rev Sam Buti
Facilitated by Mr Mike Van Graan
RSVP to / sibamasilela@gmail

Cultural Policy Induction Workshop seeks to foster and enrich national consciousness amongst young leaders on legislative framework and empower practitioners by making sure that theatre reflects on the present situation of living in the era of Covid-19. An initial three-day induction into cultural policy will introduce participants to policy: purpose, legitimacy, implementation; key policy-making institutions locally, regionally and continentally; processes of policy-making; South African cultural policies; African cultural policy emphases and processes; and international cultural policy emphases and processes. After the initial workshop, participants will join a monthly seminar on cultural policy for the following 12 months.

19 – 23 October

The Current Affairs virtual theatre festival will be streamed in 19-23 October. More information coming soon.